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How to Find Your Exact Customer Avatar on LinkedIn

I’ve covered at length here in the blog how to maximize LinkedIn basics to stand out and kick start your LinkedIn sales and marketing efforts. From creating a custom LinkedIn URL to choosing the right profile picture to writing a powerful LinkedIn headline, you've learned a lot about LinkedIn marketing but now it's time to dive into some [...]

November 1st, 2016|Blog|0 Comments

3 Easy Steps to Message Almost Any Prospect on LinkedIn For Free!

Have you ever wanted to message someone on LinkedIn but because you were not a 1st level connection but couldn't? In this post I can going to show you an easy 3 step LinkedIn hack that will allow you to send a free LinkedIn message to almost any LinkedIn users including potential prospects for your [...]

October 25th, 2016|Blog|0 Comments

10 LinkedIn Update Types To Attract Your Target Market – Pt 2

Last week I posted part 1 of "10 LinkedIn Update Types To Attract Your Target Market" where I covered 5 LinkedIn status update types and the feedback was awesome. So this week as promised, I am wrapping up the 2 part post with update types 6 thru 10. Did you know that posting LinkedIn status [...]

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10 LinkedIn Status Updates To Attract Your Target Market

Linkedin status updates offer tremendous potential. Once you’ve optimized your profile (start with the actionable advice in my FREE eBook), getting content out there consistently is one of the best ways to reach and engage your prospects. >>>In fact, if you post LinkedIn status updates once a day every weekday, or about 20 posts per [...]

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Is Personal Branding Bull$%!#?

I was at Starbucks not long ago and heard a lady sitting next to me tell her friend how "personal branding was bull$%!#.  At that point I couldn't help but eavesdrop in on the conversation.  I found out she was a consultant who was struggling to get new clients and that she tried "the personal [...]

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How to Get 500 Targeted LinkedIn Connections – FAST

For whatever reason, LinkedIn has declared 500 to be its magical number for LinkedIn connections. Once you’ve hit the mark, your profile simply shows “500+ connections” putting you right in line with the most influential connectors on the site and immediately raising your social profile (Looking for other ways to improve your LinkedIn performance? Try [...]

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5 Ways Multimedia Can Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

One of the first steps toward generating sales through LinkedIn is to create a LinkedIn profile that is compelling enough to get people to connect. In other words you need to make a good first impression or it could cost you a valuable contact and potentially sales opportunities down the road. But here’s the thing [...]

July 12th, 2016|Blog|0 Comments

LinkedIn Marketing vs. Cold Calling – The Epic Battle

Times, they are a changin’. Nowhere is this more true and visible than online. If you know my story or have heard my appearances on some top podcasts, you know that I've literally made millions of dollars by abandoning cold calling and putting my efforts into LinkedIn marketing. Yet organizations today still push their sales reps [...]

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5 Tips For Getting Powerful LinkedIn Recommendations

“Social proof” is a force that influences our decision making process everyday and our time on LinkedIn is no exception.  When someone in our network likes or dislikes a product or service it has a huge impact on the choices we make. Getting LinkedIn recommendations is the key to building social proof.  In my opinion [...]

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6 Questions that Can 10X Your LinkedIn Marketing Results

You could be here because you’re already a LinkedIn rock star and you’re looking for cutting edge strategies to help you get more from your LinkedIn marketing efforts. (You’re definitely in the right place!). But more than likely, you’re a professional who signed up for LinkedIn a few years ago and haven’t really done much [...]

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