4 Reasons Why You Need to Start Gathering Sales Intelligence on LinkedIn

What is sales intelligence? My definition of sales intelligence is data that you can leverage to enhance or increase the opportunity of making a sale! Types of sales intelligence that are readily available via LinkedIn include: In common connections In common groups Educational history Work history Philanthropic and charitable invovlement Influencers they follow Hobbies/interest outside of [...]

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#1 Reason Why Most People Fail to Get New Clients with LinkedIn

(If you can’t hear audio please click the sounds button at bottom right of video) There are a lot of reasons why people fail to get clients on LinkedIn.  But after studying 100's of users that cumulatively had over 1 million first level connections I have found the one thing they are all missing is... A [...]

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How to Use LinkedIn to Get 3-5 Appointments Per Week

Most LinkedIn users that are interested in leveraging LinkedIn as a way to grow their business fall into one of two categories.   A) they have lots of connections but rarely if ever speak to any of them thus get no sales B) a small minority that know how to convert LinkedIn connections into offline [...]

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3 Ways LinkedIn Can Increase Your Trade Show Marketing ROI

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5 Reasons You Need to Be Doing B2B Webinars

If you've been following my blog you already know that B2B webinars are one of my 5 favorite marketing strategies for 2017. If you aren’t quite convinced, today I am going to share with you how B2B webinars can help you generate highly qualified leads, enhance your brand and create stronger marketing strategies in 2017. [...]

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How to Use LinkedIn Boolean Search to Find More Prospects

It surprises me how many people do not know the basics on how to effectively use LinkedIn search.  In this article I am going to teach you a 5 LinkedIn boolean search tips that can literally save you tons of time by significantly improving the overall relevance of your search results on LinkedIn. This article [...]

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5 B2B Email Marketing Tips to Maximize Your ROI

Want to know the secret to getting more subscribers, higher open rates, better click throughs, and higher conversions from your B2B email marketing? I know what some of you may be thinking. Email marketing? Isn’t that a little old school for 2017? Wrong. Email is extremely powerful when done right.  A recent study by Campaign [...]

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Top 5 B2B Lead Generation Strategies to Crush Sales in 2017

With the advent of the internet and proliferation of social media, B2B marketing, B2B lead generation and even B2B selling has changed dramatically in the last 10-15 years.  Hard to believe but LinkedIn started back in 2003 and beyond recruiting has become the go to source for B2B content marketing, lead generation and yes sales. [...]

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Is Your LinkedIn Profile Attracting or Repelling Potential B2B Clients?

Take the LinkedIn QUIZ! Fact: You only get one chance to make a good first impression. This short 3 minute LinkedIn quiz will help to insure you are not missing unseen opportunities on LinkedIn. Enjoy the LinkedIn quiz and don't forget to take advantage of the SPECIAL OFFER that will appear after you complete you [...]

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What is Social Selling (And How to Get Started)

I was first exposed to social selling back in 2007 when I stumbled across LinkedIn.  For those of you that know my story, I was a social media naysayer and definitely not what you would consider an early adopter.  But after embracing LinkedIn and all it has to offer, I landed my first figure client. [...]

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