Without a doubt, the LinkedIn training that Dennis gave our firm, well exceeded our expectations. He gave us so much material, it was like water from a fire hose. He was patient with our questions and offered construction criticism to make us better. I have updated my profile, and I am working to expand my network with the skills and tools he gave us. But most importantly he showed us how to target specific people and move forward to dialog with them. Highly recommended.
Jim Morency, Business Insurance Problem Solver
I recently hired Dennis Brown to teach me how to generate more leads and profits through LinkedIn. I found his expertise regarding LinkedIn marketing to be extremely beneficial and easy to understand. The best part is the fact that I saw immediate results after our first webinar. Through out the training, Dennis shared with me strategies and tools within LinkedIn that I did not know existed and the results are the largest revenue that my company has experienced to date. The education and the immediate results proved to be one of the best investments that I have ever made in my business. I highly recommend Dennis to anyone interested in learning how to truly leverage LinkedIn to grow their business.
Robin Merritt-Price, 7 Figure Business Owner / Logistics Expert
Mr. Dennis Brown... WOW, this guy has the energy and wisdom of 10 men! Seriously speaking, Dennis is a master trainer & entrepreneur that has developed a one of a kind solution to today's complex methods of generating QUALITY B to B leads! We have been searching for a different method for landing A+ leads for over 7 years now, knowing that telemarketing, drip email campaigns and cold calling are yesterdays techniques... If you're serious about growing your business, this is your man... Thanks for everything Dennis!!!
Craig Donovan, Vice President Sales/Marketing
Dennis came on my web show- Eventual Millionaire - and I had so many people email me and tell me it was the best shows they have heard. Here is feedback from a listener:

"This was one of the most useful interviews I have ever heard.
I've started using the ' thank you' message on LinkedIn, that Dennis suggests; and I had immediate responses."

He's a rock star and I can't wait to have him on my show a third time!

Jaime Masters, Work Less, Earn More Business Coach
A group of us recently completed Dennis Brown's Linked In Training. By using a few of his suggestions, I quickly moved to #3 under my keyword search. His tips for maximizing Linked In will no doubt return results. And he teaches how to do most of his tips on the free membership. It was nice to work with him!
Thomas R Cleary, Hospitality Business Insurance
I come across so many people who simply don't know what to do with LinkedIn. They may have a profile, but that's the extent of the interaction. What a waste! I was thrilled when Dennis Brown agreed to be a guest on my podcast. He shared highly valuable advice on how to connect with influencers and even more importantly, how to create potential business partnerships using social media. Thank you, Dennis!l
Cheryl Tan, TV Host - HR Business Weekly
I was recommended to Dennis by a friend, and I am much better for it.

I recently completed his LinkedIn program training. While my campaign is just starting, my meetings with Dennis have really helped me focus not just on networking but with dialing in my business. I have found Dennis to be a valuable business consultant as his contributions go beyond what I signed up for.

As a matter of fact I am so buried with clients right now that I'm behind on my campaign... sorry Dennis I'll get there!

Jack Boeger, Web Designer | Web Development | Drupal Expert
Dennis Brown is an authority on LinkedIn strategies. He is an expert who provides amazing insight on how to leverage LinkedIn for professional success. If you or your company are not taking full advantage of the incredible opportunities offered on LinkedIn, you owe it to yourself to contact Dennis to gain an understanding of his program and strategies. The Small Business Development Center at JCC recently invited Dennis to conduct a live seminar for our clients. Dennis graciously accepted the invite and then insisted on volunteering his time. This was an extremely kind and welcomed gesture. Dennis simply hit the ball out of the park for the program. Attendees were beyond delighted with the LinkedIn strategies that Dennis provided. Many clients sent text messages and emails afterwards praising Dennis and thanking the SBDC for conducting such a valuable workshop. Dennis combines a deep passion of helping fellow entrepreneurs with his years of experience as a successful business owner which is priceless. Thank you Dennis & wishing you continued success!!
Curt Anderson, Certified Business Advisor at NYS SBDC
The Small Business Development Center at Buffalo State hired Dennis to do a training for our Entrepreneur Effectiveness series and he delivered an outstanding presentation. He did a great job explaining how the entrepreneurs running these small businesses can use Linked In and other online tools to grow their businesses and improve their personal branding and networking. I would recommend Dennis to any entrepreneur who wants to cost-effectively grow his or her business. In fact, I've also had Dennis speak to my marketing classes at Buff State and he did a great job with them as well.
Fred Bristol, Business Advisor, Educator, Marketing Strategist