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My name is Dennis Brown and I am what some people call, a serial entrepreneur. I like to call it hard headed because I refuse to quit even in the face of extreme adversity!

i09In the past 20 odd years I have been extremely blessed to build 3 multi million dollar companies. One of which has been ranked six time by Inc. Magazine on their coveted Inc. 500 fastest growing company list.

Most people would never admit this but I also have numerous failures under my belt…but we’ll save that for another research paper writer.

My LinkedIn story is simple, so I’ll keep it short. Back in 2003 I started a third party logistics company and by 2007 were we growing rapidly with revenues of about $1 million a month. At that time I was a social media naysayer. Period end of sentence! I laughed at people on Facebook and scoffed at social media in general. I just didn’t get it?

Then I stumbled across LinkedIn and I decided to get out of my comfort zone and give it a try.

So I quietly set up my LinkedIn profile and started kicking the tires. Like most people I was doing it horribly wrong but what I lacked in skill, I made up for in persistence.

The next thing I knew I had landed my first six figure client!
I realized at that moment that one of two things had just happened…

  1. I had just hit the “LinkedIn Lottery” or

  2. I had just stumbled across what could be the golden egg!

I decided to dive in head first and learn everything I could about LinkedIn and over the past 8+ years I have developed my LinkedIn marketing and social selling system.

I now help entrepreneurs, consultants, speakers and sales teams to leverage LinkedIn and social selling to generate highly targeted leads, customers and profits!

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Recently I was asked, “So Dennis, what makes you so much different than the hundreds of other self proclaimed LinkedIn experts?”

My answer is simple…

Like I said before, unlike most “experts”, I have built 3 multi million dollar companies in my life. I know how to build successful businesses! Not to mention the fact that I leveraged my LinkedIn marketing system to generate over $20 million in new business for my own companies.

All this before I ever deciding to share my experience and LinkedIn marketing system with clients around the world.