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Linkedin status updates offer tremendous potential. Once you’ve optimized your profile (start with the
actionable advice in my FREE eBook), getting content out there consistently is one of the best ways to reach and engage your prospects.

>>>In fact, if you post LinkedIn status updates once a day every weekday, or about 20 posts per month, you’ll reach 60% of your unique audience (according to LinkedIn’s own research).

Think about all the leads you’re working on right now – fresh ones, dead ones, old ones, whatever. Now imagine reaching more than half of them in the next month without having to pick up the phone. No cold calls or interrupting. A few minutes a day on LinkedIn = touching 60% of your audience.

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Okay, so now that you know that posting consistent LinkedIn status updates is a no-brainer, it’s time to start posting. Easy, right?

Not quite. As with any sales and marketing efforts, you need to focus your time and effort on sharing content that is most likely to get you results. I’ve got a list of 10 LinkedIn status updates that will help you attract your target market. There’s a lot of value in that list, so I’m breaking it down into two posts. Before you dig in and start posting everything that comes to mind on LinkedIn, take a look at the first five types of status updates to consider for attracting your target market.

Here are 5 LinkedIn Status Updates

1. Any type of post. My previous remark might seem a bit confusing now, but stick with me. You absolutely should follow my advice over the next 9 bullets, but technically, any type of post can help you reach your target market. Think about it >> where else will a regular status update show your connections your: Profile picture, your headline, a link to your profile and along with your actual status update (which often includes an image along with your sharp insights)? A status update on LinkedIn reinforces your personal brand by keeping you top of mind with your audience. 

2. Ask a question. Most of us have seen a status update in our feed asking a question (and they often have dozens or even hundreds of responses). You know your customers. You talk to them every day. What are their challenges? What do they do well? What advice could they give others? Ask these (and other) questions to pique the interest of your connections and increase engagement (which will also help expose your personal brand to potential clients outside of your own network).

3. Connect them to your content. A strong content marketing strategy can significantly boost the effectiveness of your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Not sure I’m right? How’d you get here (to this blog)? Chances are you clicked on a social media post, or maybe and email I sent you. You got here through content. Strong content clicked, read and shared. Provide value. Solve problems. Make life easier for your target market. Then write a short status LinkedIn update highlighting the best part of your content and link to it. Not only will you be providing extra value to your audience through great content, you’ll get an extra boost in web traffic that could ultimately lead to more leads in your funnel.

4. Share their content. There is some great content being produced in every industry nowadays. Chances are your clients and prospects are sharing great content too. What’s more flattering that seeing someone post a link to your most recent blog? We all like to see our name (or photo, or article) in lights. Get out there and share some of your clients’ best content (and be sure to tag them in your post so they can see you’ve shared their work).

5. Industry news. I’ve already mentioned how much content is out there. It can even be a bit overwhelming at times – and difficult to find the headlines that matter most to you and your business. Make that chore easier for your clients and prospects by sharing the latest industry news in your LinkedIn status updates. You won’t just stay top of mind, you’ll showcase your status as an industry insider who understands what’s important to his or her clients. Keep these headlines right at your fingertips by bookmarking top industry websites for your niche, creating a Feedly account to automatically curate relevant headlines or create Google Alerts for common keywords and Google will email top news right to your inbox.

Here’s another insider secret ⇒ Your LinkedIn status updates are really only as impactful as your profile. I kicked this post off by talking about the importance of optimizing your profile and I’m going to close it that way too. Get your profile in shape before testing our other LinkedIn marketing secrets and you’ll get significantly better results. 

Click here for part 2 where I go over 6 thru 10 on my list of favorite LinkedIn updates!

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