Get More Sales Appointments Through LinkedIn - Effective LinkedIn Social Selling Strategy

Most LinkedIn users that are interested in leveraging LinkedIn as a way to grow their business fall into one of two categories.  

A) they have lots of connections but rarely if ever speak to any of them thus get no sales

B) a small minority that know how to convert LinkedIn connections into offline conversations

Whether you are in group A or B you’re gonna want to stick around for this post because this simple strategy I am about to share with you has allowed me and my clients to generate thousands of leads and millions in sales.

1. Identify Your Perfect Prospect

This is perhaps the most underrated step when trying to generate highly targeted leads with LinkedIn. Remember: a wider net isn’t necessarily a better one, so you should invest your time and energy into what I call “Your perfect prospect”.

So who is your perfect prospect?  That’s easy just answer the simple questions below.

  • What industries are you targeting? (for this exercise focus on just one)
  • What geography are you targeting?
  • What job titles do they typically go by?
  • What groups do they below to?
  • What size company are you targeting?

Now that you have answered the big question of who is your perfect prospect, it should be pretty easy to use LinkedIn’s search tools to find a highly targeted list of prospects to get started.

These posts should help you find the right people to connect with:

  • How to Use LinkedIn Boolean Search to Find More Prospects
  • How to Get 500 Targeted LinkedIn Connections – FAST

2. Create a Compelling Case Study

Once you have a list of prospects in mind, the next step is to create a compelling case study based upon a client that you have worked with that is very similar to the perfect prospect you defined in #1.

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Everyone loves case studies because they’re a clear way to understand what you can do, and the most compelling proof of your success.

Here are 5 tips for writing a compelling case study:

  • Write about a client that your perfect prospects can relate to.
  • Tell the entire story without getting too long winded
  • Make the format and layout easy to read
  • Be specific.  Real data and numbers are very compelling.
  • Be specific on how you were able to help them

Here’s a short but very good article I thought you might be interested that shares 8 Tips for Creating a Great Case Study.

3. Send Highly PERSONALIZED Connection Requests

Now that you know who you’re after, it’s time to get connected. A word of advice: don’t use the default ‘I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” It’s not compelling or interesting and screams “I’m lazy and don’t really care if you connect or not. 

Be thoughtful and show that you’ve done your research. Be professional and courteous, and use common ground to start building your relationship. It’s really not that difficult and should only take about 1-2 minutes to review their profile and gather some compelling sales intelligence to spice up your connection request.

Here is a sample of a personalized connection request…

More LinkedIn Appointments, Connection Request

Here are a few topics I like to use to create a compelling connection request: 

  • In common connections
  • In common groups
  • In common geography
  • In common interest
  • You went to the same college
  • You follow some of the same influencers
  • You liked, comment, share some of the same content
  • One of their recent posts
  • A common interest (golf, alma matter, you name it)

4. Say Thank You While Including Your Case Study

The fact is, very few people take the time to thank someone for connecting or engaging with them on social media.

This includes LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and beyond.  So if you take a minute and write a quick thank you it differentiates you from the competition, create another opportunity for engagement and a chance to quickly provide the value.

 Follow the Basic Steps

  • Always thanks them for connecting.  It’s a amazing how a simple thank you can grease the wheels of engagement.
  • Add case study that is very targeted to their niche, industry, product/service.
  • Suggest possible value to them (example: possible referrals) and suggest a time for a call

You do the math!

My experience shows that, with proper targeted and messaging, that 10-20% of prospects approached like this will convert into an offline conversation.  So if you focus on getting just 5 new targeted connection per day that you should start getting 3 to 5 new appointments per week with highly targeted prospects.

What would happen if you could talk to 100 high profile prospects in the next 90 days?

Hopefully you would not dance like Elaine from Seinfeld but…

If you’re curious about how to get started, click here to schedule a free 20 minute LinkedIn strategy session

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