E341 – Why Working Harder is NOT the Key to Scaling Your Business

E341 – Why Working Harder is NOT the Key to Scaling Your Business

With Mark Jacobs

With over 20 years of experience in executive leadership consulting, Mark Jacobs gathered his knowledge and opened his own company, Scalewerks. Scalewerks is a holding company that focuses on accelerating businesses that are in their early or mid-life. In this episode, Mark gives us a quick rundown on how the Scalewerks process works using 4 quick bucket items; 1st working hard, 2nd creating process, 3rd customer value/experience, 4th redesign of the business model.

Mark comes from the quality management world, so naturally, process is important to him. At the age of 26, Mark found himself in a meeting with his last employer, Motorola, where he thought to himself if this is really the direction this company was headed? Wanting to offer more to business, Mark finally broke away to become an entrepreneur. 

Tune in to hear Mark’s story… 

[01:13] Introduction to Mark Jacobs  

[02:03] Challenges most often seen,  

[02:32] Background on Mark  

[04:00] Entrepreneur for 20 years 

[05:36] Scalewerks today 

[06:57] An accelerator   

[09:56] The Scalewerks process 

[13:58] Understand customer loyalty process 

[18:04] Best metric in determining customer loyalty 

[20:01] How it Impacts a company from a sales-marketing perspective  

[22:21] Modular producer 

[22:54] Asking the right questions on the front end 

[24:44] Favorite growth tool 

[25:32] Favorite Book  

[26:00] Connect with Mark 

Connect with Mark: 

Marks’s Favorite Business Tool:   

  • Loyalty research data 

Marks’s Favorite Book:  The Untethered Soul by Michael Alan Singer 


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E341 – Why Working Harder is NOT the Key to Scaling Your Business

Mark Jacobs