E340 – The 7 Figure Pandemic Pivot

E340 – The 7 Figure Pandemic Pivot

With Sheila Bella

Sheila Brown, a two-time 7-figure business owner, walks us through having to build a business from scratch twice. March 2020, Sheila was forced to shut down, and instead of waiting around, she built a new business online where she now makes close to 400k a month. In this episode, Sheila gives a rundown on how she made it happen. 

At 28 years old, Sheila found herself in the worst position she could imagine; broke, jobless, and divorced. Being sick and tired of living this life, Sheila found a permanent makeup and training course that was only 5-days long and from there, her brick-and-mortar business emerged. A decade later, Sheila would have to go through the whole process again only this, through online platforms only. 

Tune in to hear Sheila’s story… 

[01:08] Intro to Sheila Bella 

[02:16] Backstory on Sheila  

[06:10] Brick and mortar business 

[08:51] Investing in business coaching and mentorship and masterminds 

[10:24] Roadmap for launching new online business 

[13:28] Transferring skillsets from real life to online  

[15:22] The primary growth engine process  

[17:30] Tactical weekly rundown 

[20:11] Pivoting engagement into a business conversation 

[24:18] The organic process  

[25:32] If you can’t beat fear, so do it scared 

[26:31] Favorite growth tool 

[26:50] Favorite Book 

[27:07] Connect with Sheila 

Connect with Sheila:  

Sheila’s Favorite Business Tool:   

  • Kajabi 

Sheila’s Favorite Book:  Mindset by Carol West 


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E340 – The 7 Figure Pandemic Pivot

Sheila Bella

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