E298 – #1 Reason Why You Need Start Doing Video

E298 – #1 Reason Why You Need Start Doing Video

With Cheryl Tan

Cheryl Tan is a journalist, business owner, media trainer, and video coach who helps entrepreneurs show up better on camera. Because she is a video marketing and video creation expertCheryl is back on the show to discuss her five-part, no-fail framework for leveraging videos to grow your business. 

Tune in to learn the importance of using video as a marketing and growth tactic (especially in 2021)getting comfortable with creating relevant video content for your ideal audience, how to utilize videos as sales, customer support, and public relations tools, and even the best methods of promoting your unique video content.  

During this interview, we discuss: 

2:18 – Cheryl’s background  

3:24 – Why you need to start using video in your business 

5:36 – Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable and the imperfect: The more you create videos, the better you’ll get! 

8:58 – The 5 P’s of Cheryl’s video formula 

10:51 – Preparing for video creation: Camera, audio, and lighting 

12:17 –  Positioning: Who are you connecting with? How are you going to connect with your audience? 

15:24 – Process: Your creative process, scheduling, live videos, and getting support for your video creation process + A tip for getting comfortable in front of the camera 

22:01 – Publishing: Overcoming the fear of uncertainty + Videos as a time-saving sales tool  

28:42 – Promoting: Where and how to promote your video content + Understanding the motives behind promotion 

34:55 – Why Cheryl created this framework 

37:02 – Video isn’t about going viral, it’s about connecting with and showing who you are to your audience. 

38:59 – How to connect with Cheryl 

Plus, a whole lot more!



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E298 – #1 Reason Why You Need Start Doing Video

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