Today I am going to show you the easiest way to convert LinkedIn profile views into sales opportunities.

First of all, I think the “who’s viewed your profile” feature on LinkedIn is an incredibly valuable and unique tool.  To the best of my knowledge, no other platform including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc offer you the ability to see who’s viewed your social profile.  Personally I have generated 100’s of high value connections and dozens of clients by following the simple 3 step process I share in this post on how to convert LinkedIn profile views into opportunities.

Step #1

Check your privacy settings to insure that you’re not surfing LinkedIn anonymously.  The rule is simple, if you surf anonymously you can not see anyone who visits your profile.  So make sure  you are not surfing anonymously.

privacy settings surfing

Recently I was interviewed recently by Brad Harker who is the host of the Influence podcast and during our conversation he told me he didn’t like when LinkedIn users could see him surfing on their profile.  I went onto explain that letting people see you on their profile can be incredibly powerful and the good far outweighs the bad.

The concept is simple.  There are times when I will intentionally visit a prospects profile in hopes that they get notified.  Why? First it gets me on their radar and second it creates familiarity as I engage them to build trust, rapport and credibility.   Third and most importantly…IT WORKS! 🙂

Step #2

Go to the “who’s viewed your profile” feature and search for 2nd/3rd level connections that meet your perfect customer avatar and/or good referral sources into your target market and then draft a custom connection request to make them a 1st level connection.  See example below…

who viewed you profile

“Hi Jim, thanks for visiting my profile. I see we have several connections in common like Mike Smith & Mary Jones. We are also both business owners in the Buffalo area, so I thought it would be interesting to connect.   Cheers,  Dennis”

Step #3

Send a direct message to potential prospects that are already 1st level connections that have recently visited your profile.  They landed on your profile for a reason!  So now it’s your job is to reach out and engage them in conversation to find out why. See example below…

who viewed my profile linkedin 2

“Hi Joe, you recently visited my profile…how can I help? It’s been several months since we last spoke and I was just thinking about sending you a link to an article I wrote recently called “3 Ways to Become a Sales Rock Star on LinkedIn”  Would you be kind enough to share your thoughts on the social selling stats in the article?  Cheers, Dennis”

If you are not leveraging the “who’s viewed your profile” feature on LinkedIn to engage your target market you are missing the boat.  Converting LinkedIn profile views isn’t hard if you follow the simple steps.  Think about how many opportunities are you missing? What if you were able to get add 4-6 new clients per year by using this simple strategy? All by implementing this very simple strategy that takes less than 5 minutes per day!

I’d love to hear from you, so reply below with your thoughts/comments on my “who’s viewed your profile” LinkedIn marketing strategy!

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