E309 – How to Prepare Your Business Now For A Successful Exit in the Future

E309 – How to Prepare Your Business Now For A Successful Exit in the Future

With Richard Lau

Richard Lau is the creator of NamesCon, now part of the GoDaddy family, and an entrepreneur who has generated millions of dollars of revenue in the internet and domain name industry. Richard recently successfully exited Resume.com and is now working on Logo.com. He’s here to share wisdom gained from his success in exiting several online business models, detailing what you need to know to position and package your business for exit in preparation for exiting several years into the future. 

Tune in to learn tips and tricks, as well as lessons learned, from an expert on preparing yourself and your business for a smooth and profitable exit. We talk about the importance of having a buyer’s mindset, contracts and documentation in place, awareness around licensing, having relationships with business brokers and lawyers, and much more. 

During this interview, we discuss: 

3:15 – How Richard became successful in the domain industry 

5:04 – A domain name he wishes he didn’t sell 

7:28 – Learning about exiting a business from those who have done it before 

9:12 – Why you need to look at your business from a buyer’s perspective and mindset 

13:17 – Having contracts and documentation in place with everyone you work with 

14:18 – Being aware of licensing  

18:48 – The importance of having relationships with a business broker and a lawyer 

23:00 – Changing your attitude towards tasks you dislike 

23:43 – Clean, professional accounting 

24:45 – The problem with a Founder/Owner driving the majority of the revenue 

27:07 – The power in diversifying your revenue 

28:00 – Richard’s favorite growth tool 

28:39 – His most recommended book 

29:29 – How to connect with Richard 

Plus, a whole lot more!


Email Richard: Richard@logo.com


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E309 – How to Prepare Your Business Now For A Successful Exit in the Future

Richard Lau

NamesCon / Logo.com