E250 – How to Buy & Sell Businesses without Any of Your Own Money

E250 – How to Buy & Sell Businesses without Any of Your Own Money

With Bart Rupert

Bart Rupert has a strong mergers and acquisition background across Fortune 500’s and startups within industries like technology, software, energy, healthcare, real estate, construction and etc. He’s founded nearly 30 companies, negotiated over $500 million dollars in contracts and business deals. Grew a corporate startup from inception to $10 million, grew a healthcare from $8 million to $75 million. Today he’s helping companies and everyday people buy and sell other companies for a living and even clients who’ve never bought or sold companies before are working with him to structure deals that result in multi-million dollar payouts in little as 18 months.

During this interview we discussed:

2:42 – Bart shares to us the three paths he had experienced to be successful.

8:01 – He gave us a brief outline of a sample transaction on how a buying and selling of a company

11:42 – Introduction to the 3 part framework on how to buy and sell companies w/o using your own money

13:42 – 1st part: Deal sourcing with the unpublish acquisition network

16:29 – How does Bart accumulate a list of unpublish deals? He shares one of their secrets.

18:14 – 2nd part: Disruptive Deal Structure

21:51 – Bart shares to us one of their deal-making toolkits.

24:10 – 3rd part: Asymmetric Negotiation

26:09 – Bart’s real-life experience on what not to do in a negotiation.

29:09 – A quick advice from entrepreneurs that are interested in growth.

29:58 – Bart shares his favorite growth tool/software.

31:24 – He recommended one of his favorite book to us.

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E250 – How to Buy & Sell Businesses without Any of Your Own Money

Bart Rupert

Spartans Alliance