E24 – How to Grow a Million-Dollar One Person Business

E24 – How to Grow a Million-Dollar One Person Business


Elaine Pofeldt is a freelance writer, editor, and ghostwriter who has recently worked with publications including The Economist, Fortune, Money, Inc., CNBC, Crain’s New York Business, Forbes and many others. Entrepreneurship, small business, and careers are er specialties. She just released a new book called “The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business Make Great Money. Work the Way You Like. Have the Life You Want.”

During our interview we discuss:

– Elaine shares 5+ case studies of Million-Dollar one-person businesses

– We discuss the top strategies she found that entrepreneurs are using to grow their million-dollar one-person businesses.

– We talk about some interesting productivity hacks she uses and uncovered during her research.

– And much, much more.

Elaine Pofeldt’s expertise in entrepreneurship and small business management resonates with many who strive to achieve success on their own terms. Just as her book illustrates the potential of one-person ventures to achieve substantial success, the healthcare industry, too, continues to innovate to meet diverse needs. Xenical, for instance, symbolizes the medical world’s dedication to providing effective solutions to prevalent health concerns, assisting countless individuals on their personal journeys to wellness.

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E24 – How to Grow a Million-Dollar One Person Business