E234 – Leveraging Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Website

E234 – Leveraging Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Website

With Jessica Zimmerman

Jessica Zimmerman went from working 16 hours a day without earning a profit to generating over 7 figures working 6 hours a day. She’s an expert when it comes to Pinterest marketing, particularly as it relates to driving traffic to your blog that converts into clients and sales. She’s about to publish a new book called “Sleeping with a Stranger” where Jessica shares her raw story of what’s happened under the covers of both her business and personal journey.

During this interview we discuss:

2:03 – Jessica shares how and why she became an entrepreneur.

5:22 – Why she took out a $100,000 loan and how it impacted her business.

6:00 – The difference between Pinterest and other platforms, and how it works.

7:01 – We talk about her set and forgot Pinterest marketing strategy.

8:45 – One of Jessica biggest pet peeves when it comes to peoples websites and blogs.

8:58 – Jessica shares exactly how you can leverage Pinterest to drive traffic and sales to your website.

9:45 – She shares one of her favorite tools when it comes creating visually appealing content for Pinterest.

10:20 – The fact that is is sometimes easier to rank your Pinterest content on Google for specific keywords than it is your main website or blog.

12:00 – She dispels the myth that “you can’t sell local” with Pinterest.

13:25 – Jessica shares the fact that she gets over 2 million views per month to her Pinterest content and what that translates into sales for her business.

14:18 – How to spot trends and even test your Pinterest content to increase views, engagement and click through rate (CTR).

17:03 – How to optimize your content on Pinterest to increase views and traffic.?

21:04 – She shares the one business superpower she wishes she had.

PLUS a whole lot more!

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E234 – Leveraging Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Jessica Zimmerman

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