E225 – How to Get Free Leads on Youtube

E225 – How to Get Free Leads on Youtube

With Marley Jaxx

Marley Jaxx is an expert in creating strategically omnipresent content, getting videos ranked on YouTube and Google and using cross channel video marketing for maximum reach. Jaxx Productions brings next-level video social selling to the marketplace. She had worked with top dogs like Daymond John, Alex Charfen Rachel Patterson, Steven Larsen and a whole bunch of others.

During this interview we discuss:

2:45 – Marley shares her story from dental hygienist to entrepreneur and video creation and marketing expert.

6:16 – She shares the one business superpower she wishes she had. This might surprise you!

9:01 – Then Marley dives into exactly how she generate tons free leads using YouTube.

13:16 – The key components in creating good videos.

17:17 – We talked about the most important thing to getting more views on YouTube.

18:10 – Why the first 24 hours after you release a new video are critical to the long term success of that video.

21:05 – We talked her strategy for nurturing leads after they optin to your list.


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E225 – How to Get Free Leads on Youtube

Marley Jaxx

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