E221 – Scaling Your Amazon Business to $3.2 Million

E221 – Scaling Your Amazon Business to $3.2 Million

With Dr. Travis Zigler

Dr. Travis Zigler is a recovering optometrist, turned e-commerce entrepreneur that founded Eye Love who’s mission is to heal one million dry eyes suffer naturally. Due to the success that Eye Love has had, he now helps others grow their e-commerce businesses. Amazon marketing is one of his super power and the he and his team specialize in helping businesses scale their Amazon revenue.

During this interview we discuss:

1:56 – Dr. Travis shares how and why he pivoted from a lucrative job as a Doctor to e-commerce entrepreneur.

4:42 – He shares how he started selling online and why he pivoted to his dry eye product.

8:29 – Dr. Travis shares the one business super power he wishes he had.

12:10 – How to optimize your product listings for Amazon.

15:11 – Why having a “Brand Defensive Campaign” is important if you’re gonna start Amazon PPC.

17:58 – The importance of keyword research and how it can help you grow your amazon business.

20:30 – We talked about the advantages of having a Google campaign ad for your product and the difference between a shop and browse keywords.

22:40 – How scaling your keywords can get you up to 50% – 60% conversion rates.

27:52 – The Ratings & Reviews of your products why is it important and how it affects your sale

29:36 – Dr. Travis shares his favorite growth tool/software.

29:57 – He recommends one of his favorite books to the audience.

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E221 – Scaling Your Amazon Business to $3.2 Million

Dr. Travis Zigler

Eye Love