E209 – How to Use “Radical Relevance” to Win More Clients

E209 – How to Use “Radical Relevance” to Win More Clients

With Bill Cates

Bill Cates is an author, speaker and entrepreneur who has sold two seven figure businesses. He’s quite the adventure seeker and has even climbed Mount Kilamanjaro. He also just released a new book called, Radical Relevance.

During our interview we discuss:

– Bill shares the one business super power he wishes he had.

– What exactly is radical relevance?

– He unpacks the entire concept of how to leverage “radical relevance” to get new clients.

– The importance of defining your true “value proposition?”

– Why it’s important to give your customer a seat at the table.

– Why it’s important to lead with empathy.

– The importance of deal with a buyers fear of lose before the potential of gain.

– All things being equal people do business with people they like.

– Several ways that businesses can differentiate itself from the competition.

– A confused mind will not take action and the the power of clarify.

– He shares his favorite growth tool/software.

– He recommends one of his favorite books for the audience.

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8 Simple Steps to Achieve to Reach Exponential Growth 


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E209 – How to Use “Radical Relevance” to Win More Clients

Bill Cates

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