E196 – How to Use Data to Help You Achieve Hyper Growth

E196 – How to Use Data to Help You Achieve Hyper Growth

With Tim Campos

Tim Campos and he is former CIO of Facebook and current CEO of Woven where he is re-imagining how people use their calendars so they spend more time on what really matters. He’s also an expert in understanding and leveraging data to enhance a businesses overall performance.

During our interview we discuss:

– How he got his job at Facebook and why he decided to leave his C level position at one of the internet biggest success stories.

– Tim shares his top 2 business superpower he wishes he had.

– Then we unpack how data can help you make better decisions around business growth.

– The key is understanding data that can convert into actionable insights that can lead to growth.

– He shares some of the biggest challenges that Facebook has with leveraging data to stimulate growth.

– We talk about how Facebook leveraged data to achieve hyper grow of their user base.

– He shares 2 key pieces of data you need in order to grow your customer base.

– We talk about the biggest issue for sales people and how gather and leveraging data can dramatically enhance their performance.

– Why gathering your own customer/user data is significantly more powerful than buying data from 3rd party sources.

– Understanding the difference between demographics vs psycho graphics.

–  Tim shares one of the biggest mistakes he sees people making when it comes to analyzing data.

– He shares his favorite growth tool/software.

– He recommends one of his favorite books.

Tim’s websites:

Download Woven on IOS or Android 

OR visit www.woven.com


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E196 – How to Use Data to Help You Achieve Hyper Growth

Tim Campos