E187 – How to 3X Your Sales with No Paid Advertising

E187 – How to 3X Your Sales with No Paid Advertising

With Gabrielle Chipeur

Gabrielle Chipeur is a marketing automation expert and author. She just released a NEW book called “Secret Weapon – Attract the best clients, charge what you’re worth and fall in love with your business again” She helps both coaches and freelancers grow their business with automation.

During this interview we discuss:

– One things Gabrielle really sucks at that most people would be surprised about.

– Gabrielle shares how she 3X’ d her business by creating a referral engine.

– The importance of changing your mindset when it comes to getting referrals.

– We discuss the best times to ask for referrals.

– Gabrielle shares her favorite ways to ask clients for referrals.

– The importance of not being pushy or salesy when asking for referrals.

– Another key component to getting referrals is the “incentive” but Gabrielle has a secret way to get her clients to give her multiple referrals.

– We talk about the importance of setting referrals goals and the power of tracking your success.

– Gabrielle shares her favorite growth tool/software.

– She recommends one of her favorite books to the audience.

Gabrielle’s websites:


Secret Weapon Book

Free Secret Weapon Audio Book


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E187 – How to 3X Your Sales with No Paid Advertising

Gabrielle Chipeur

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