E180 – How Responsiveness Can Improve Your Marketing ROI

E180 – How Responsiveness Can Improve Your Marketing ROI

With Cathey Karabetsos

Cathy Karabetsos is the founder of QCSS, an industry leading US based call center that helps businesses to manage both inbound and outbound customer engagement. Her company has been ranked by Inc Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in America. She is also a mother of 7 and the host of “The Go Big or Go Broke” podcast.

During our interview we discuss:

– Cathy shares how and why she started her entrepreneurial journey

– She shares one skill she has that has had a huge impact on your business.

– Cathy then shares one thing she really sucks at, that most people would never know about.

– The importance of RESPONSIVENESS when it comes to getting a better ROI on your marketing dollars.

– How call centers can help improve the ROI and overall customer experience.

– We talk about the importance of following up with leads quickly.

– Cathy shares a few examples of how call center can enhance your marketing, customer service and overall customer experience.

– She shares the top strategies that QCSS uses to get new call center clients.

– Cathy shares her favorite growth tool/software.

– She recommend one of her favorite books to the audience.

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E180 – How Responsiveness Can Improve Your Marketing ROI

Cathey Karabetsos

QCSS, Inc.