E278 – Over 220,000 Leads in 6 Weeks w/ No Paid Ads

E278 – Over 220,000 Leads in 6 Weeks w/ No Paid Ads

With Manuel Suarez

Manuel Suarez is the Founder and CEO of AGM Marketing Agency, which has generated over 3 billion views and 5 million leads with social media marketing. Manuel is here to talk to us about his lead generating strategy, starting with finding your unique superpower and why it’s essential to excessively communicate about it via content creation, so that you can offer your value to the world. He speaks on the importance of structure and strategy in creating value for the world and how to make people see the value in free products to keep them engaged with your brand. 

During this interview, we discuss: 

2:19 – Manuel’s backstory: How bankruptcy lead to entrepreneurship 

7:35 – Introducing the framework behind his lead generating strategy 

10:17 – Figuring out your superpower 

12:41 – Execution: Excessively communicate about your superpower  

15:18 – Determine your value, create content to offer that value to the world, and then structure your content creation 

18:20 – You really have to care about people and work to make their lives better! 

19:27 – Manuel’s go-to entrepreneurial tool: Chat marketing + How he makes people value free products 

24:34 – What to do after executing your campaign 

27:05 – Manuel talks about his favorite growth tool. 

27:50 – His most recommended book 

Plus, a whole lot more! 

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E278 – Over 220,000 Leads in 6 Weeks w/ No Paid Ads

Manuel Suarez

AGM Marketing Agency