E246 – The 1% Secret to Doubling Your Sales

E246 – The 1% Secret to Doubling Your Sales

With Martyn Cook

Martyn Cook co-founded a software company that built multiple 7 figure eCommerce brands and co-founded a high-level digital entrepreneur mastermind that hosts luxury meetups around the world.  He’s spoken on stages around the world and still somehow found the time to self-publish 2 books. His latest project called “Noobru” a cognition drink is on a mission to fortify a billion meals by 2025 helping to tackle the 2 billion people worldwide with malnutrition problem.

During this interview we discuss:

3:28 – Martyn introduces to us his company called “Noobru”

9:57 – We talk about his NEW book, “1% Secret – How to Scale Your Ecommerce Business From 6 to 7 Figures and Beyond”

10:39 – We discuss the concept and strategy behind 1% secret how to leverage it to see huge growth.

17:21 – He shares how and why his new business, Noobru was able to have early success and growth.

18:32 – We talk about his mission to help fortifying 1 billion meal w/ Noobru?

21:38 – His #1 tip on how to accelerate growth quickly.

26:04 – He shares his favorite growth tool/software.

27:17 – Martyn recommended his favorite book.


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E246 – The 1% Secret to Doubling Your Sales

Martyn Cook

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