E232 – Financing Your Future During A Down Market

E232 – Financing Your Future During A Down Market

With George Arison

George Arison is the Co-founder of Shift which is an online market place that’s disrupting the $1.4 Trillion used car industry. He is an immigrant from Eurasia, George moved from the United States as a teenager and become the first student from a Soviet Union to attend a private US High School. From there he went out and work for Google before going out and co-founded his first on-demand mobile transportation booking technology Taxi Magic which is now known as Curb, 2 years before Uber was even created. George loves when technology was able to solve day-to-day problems and he spent his career creating the space and possibilities for it to do so.

During the interview we discuss:

2:01 – George shares his story on how Taxi Magic was co-founded and how they developed the niche for it.

6:54 – What is Shift? What does it do and How big it is as a company today?

10:37 – What should businesses do moving forward as we face this crisis?

14:49 – We talked about how to position yourself for venture capital during or after the crisis?

18:29 – Things you need to do and consider if you want to raise money in this climate.

19:49 – What options should I look at during this downtime?

21:52 – Should I open a business during a recession?.

24:27 – George shares his favorite growth tool/software.

25:13 – He recommended one of his favorite book to us.

PLUS a whole lot more.

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E232 – Financing Your Future During A Down Market

George Arison