E183 – How to Close More Deals By Growing “Big Brass Balls”

E183 – How to Close More Deals By Growing “Big Brass Balls”

With Brad Blazar

Brad Blazar went from junior broker to millionaire founder of an oil company at the young age of 23. Today he’s the founder of ‘The Art of Beliefology’  a concept and program that helps individuals overcome limiting beliefs that are holding them back from  greater success in life. He’s also a captivating speaker and Author of the #1 Rated Book for Young Entrepreneurs, ‘On The Wings Of Eagles – Learning to Soar in Life.’

During our interview we discuss:

– How and why became an entrepreneur.

– Brad shares how he is ramping up his current six figure business to seven figure business in the next 12 months.

– He shares the #1 strategy he uses to get new coaching clients for this business.

– Brad shares the #1 skill that has allowed him to be successful.

– He shares one thing he sucks at that most people would be surprised about.

– Brad shares his strategy on “How to stop begging and growing a set of big brass balls”

– What is “prey drive” and how it impacts your ability to close more deals.

– How conviction, belief and speaking from a point of authority are key parts to growing big brass balls.

– The importance of having multiple closing questions as well as trial closes.

– He shares his favorite growth/tool.

– Brad shares one of his favorite books.

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How bold are you in closing sales? Sometimes it just takes _ _ _ _S!


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E183 – How to Close More Deals By Growing “Big Brass Balls”

Brad Blazar

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