E176 – How to Maintain Growth After Hitting 8 Figures

E176 – How to Maintain Growth After Hitting 8 Figures

With Erik Huberman

Erik Huberman is the Founder & CEO of Hawke Media, a full-service Outsourced CMO based in Santa Monica, CA that launched in 2014 that has grown from 7 to over 120 employees and has serviced 400+ brands including Redbull, HP, Verizon and many more.

During our interview we discuss:

– Erik shares a quick update since his first interview in episode #2. Including an acquisition, getting married and hitting the Inc. 5000 fastest growing company list for the 2nd time.

– We discuss the importance of thinking ahead when it comes to long term growth and how it will change.

– Erik talks about how his strategy has changed from early stage when they were doing low 7 figures as compared to a project $20 million  + in 2019.

– He points out the biggest change he had to make in order to maintain their rapid growth.

– Erik talks about one of his biggest mistakes when it came to maintaining growth and how it impacted the business.

– We discuss the most common and difficult challenges entrepreneurs run into while trying to maintain growth year over year.

– Erik shares some of his biggest takeaways from doing 2 acquisitions in less than a year.

– We talk about the difference between bootstrapping growth vs raising outside capital.

– Erik shares one of his top skills he has that has played a big roll in the success in the business.

– He then shares one thing he sucks at that you might be surprised at.

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E176 – How to Maintain Growth After Hitting 8 Figures

Erik Huberman

Hawke Media